Han-gover Free Vodka

The makers of Han vodka, a popular Chinese brand about to make its U.S. debut, say their process guarantees a no-hangover beverage.

California, often the arbiter of all cultural fads, will get first crack at Han because Progressive Beverages, a Culver City, CA, company, has signed an agreement with Han.

"Over the past three years, Progressive and its ... advisors focused on developing a truly unique alternative to standard western vodka," said Progressive's president Bill Palmer in an announcement.

That alternative is a barley vodka product made with pure spring water and distilled four times. Its makers say it is filtered through a micro-carbon freeze filtration process. That is said to preserve natural amino acids, which help drinkers metabolize alcohol and, therefore, recover more quickly.

Progressive is expected to start major distribution drives across California before venturing into other markets.

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