Redressing the Beefeater

When you buy a new house, one of the first things you do is repaint it to give it that personal touch.

Same thing goes with some spirits labels.

Back in June 2001, Beefeater brand gin was owned by Allied Domecq and it made the bottle taller and narrower, affixing a transparent label showing a younger looking yeoman.

Now, Pernod owns the Beefeater brand and plans to reveal its own version of the famous icon just before Christmas.

I haven't been able to get a sneak peak at what's in store -- or about to be in stores, so you'll have to be content with gazing at the present label until the grand unveiling. Pernod hopes it will stem the slumping sales of its gin, which dropped 6% in the most recent report, March 31, 2005, to March 31 this year.

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