New products, from genteel to X Rated

Voyant Chai Cream Liqueur is a Dutch import made of aged Virgin Islands rum, Dutch cream, Indian black tea, vanilla and a variety of Asian spices.

The company has come up with a menu of "original recipes" for cocktails rather than simply substituting this cream liqueur for another one in a previously existing recipe. Click here for a PDF of that menu.

Other notes:

• 25 proof
• Category: spirits/liqueur
• Packaging: 750ml and 50ml orange bottles
• Suggested retail price: $21.99 per 750ml bottle

Twistee Shots come in twisted plastic 12ml shot glasses that deliver two separate flavors in a single shot. Each side of the container holds a different vodka-based spirit flavor, but the consumer drinks both at once.

The Twistees come in a variety of flavors: melon & vanilla, strawberry & vanilla, zambuca & banana, blueberry & vanilla, and butterscotch and vanilla.

Other notes:

• 40 proof
• Category: Spirits
• Packaging: 8-packs of 25ml plastic shot glasses
• Suggested retail price: $11.99 per 8-pack

"Sex and the City" may have been banished to reruns, but the spirit of Carrie and her friends lives on. Here's one example of how: X-Rated Vodka.

The French creation is made in copper alambic stills and distilled seven times. Its main component, after water of course, is French wheat plus a touch of roseberry grain grown on the island of Madagascar.

It already has picked up a double gold medal at the prestigious San Franxcisco World Spirits Competition.

Other notes:

• Category: Spirits
• Packaging: 750ml bottle
• Suggested retail price: $29.99

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