Well, if you have to be stranded ...

From the DailyRecord.com.uk

• Islanders had just caviar and whisky to live on after their supply ship was cut off for a week by storms

The 125 residents on Colonsay in the Inner Hebrides are completely dependent on the mainland for all their food. They're used to keeping plenty of dry and powdered goods stored away for rough weather, but milk and fresh produce can run out after just a few days.

Last week, after a bout of stormy weather, the island missed two vital deliveries, leaving the only shop with just a few jars of caviar and bottles of whisky on the shelves.

Shopkeeper Mike McNicholl said: "When you miss one boat, you have a run on supplies but it's not normally too bad. Once we miss two, however, we're really in trouble."

Islanders were left fighting over the last of the rations before a ship managed to make the journey across with much-needed supplies on Wednesday night.

Mike added: "We have a perfect, idyllic lifestyle -- apart from when we don't get the boat and we don't have anything to eat."

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Phadraig said...

I hate to say it, but some vandal has put a circle on your map in the dead centre (joke!) of Mull. Colonsay is halfway between that circle and the Rinns of Islay - the difference is as much geological as geographic (think tectonics).

Albany Jane said...

The actual story is pretty unfortunate, but my first impression was on par with yours.

Also sounds like a good way to spend a weekend.