Shocker! New vodkas hit the market

The latest wave in the never-ending flood of vodkas includes one that also wins the Chutzpah/Bad Taste Award.

Kabbalah is the newest brand of Russian Vodka, created by a beverage maker known as EZ Protocols. In fact, its entire formal name is "Kabbalah Vodka – With Christian Infants."

Kabbalah is the school of philosophy dealing with Judaic mysticism. The "With Christian Infants" line is a reference to the antisemitic old wive's tale that Jewish religious rites include using the blood of Christian babies.

The bottles feature a handmade "infant" inside, made of fortified glass.


• Ciroc's spokes-celebrity Puff Daddy ... er, P. Diddy ... er, Diddy ... Sean Combs has announced two new flavors: red berry and coconut, both 80 proof.

• Smirnoff, a Diageo subsidiary, has put root beer and dark roasted espresso flavored vodkas on the market as part of its Blue Label portfolio of 100-proof vodkas.

• SKYY Vodka has added a ginger flavor to its 80-proof lineup.

• Absolut Vodka now has something called Berri Açai, with infusions of açai, blueberry and pomegranate in an 80-proof base spirit.

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