Distiller making Chicago's first legal whiskey

Koval Distillery photo
Al Capone would have been so proud. Well, sort of.

The Prohibition-era bootlegger, who made his headquarters in Chicago,  made his fortune by not paying taxes on booze. Now, the first legal whiskey made in the Windy City since that period is on the market.

Once past New Year's Day, Lion's Pride Organic Whiskey will become available beyond the immediate Chicago area where it has been on the market for several weeks.

It is distilled at Koval Distillery in Ravenswood, north of the city and halfway between it and Evanston. It was named for Lion Birnecker, son of Kobal owners Sonat and Robert Birnecker.

The single-grain expressions are available in rye, oat, dark rye and dark oat at $48.00 for a 750 ml bottle.

Koval also utilizes its copper still to produce a line of vodka and such liqueurs as rose hip, ginger, chrysanthemum, jasmine and coffee.

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