Glenmorangie: Something old is new again

Dr. Bill Lumsden's latest creation is based on an old recipe.

Lumsden, director of distilling and whisky creation for the Scottish distiller Glenmorangie, has just announced the launch of Finealta, the latest expression in the Private Edition line. Finealta -- actually pronounced fin-altah -- is the Scots Gaelic word for elegant.

It is a recreation of a Glenmorangie recipe dating to 1903, uncovered in the distillery archives. It is a recipe that was served in the early 1900s at the American Bar of The Savoy, London’s most prestigious hotel.

In its announcement, the company noted that "The era was substantially influenced by the La Belle Époque, a time when the rich and titled freely socialized with artists, writers and the great actors of the day; creating an atmosphere full of joie de vivre. The rich history of this expression inspired Lumsden to follow the 1903 recipe meticulously, which included marrying whiskies of different ages from different types of casks."

Finealta will be introduced to the U.S. at a private March event in New York City.

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