New Russian vodkas boast garlic, horseradish

Tired of all those frou-frou vodka unfusions? The citruses, the vanilla, the berrries? Vodochnaya Artel Yat, a Moscow vodka distillery, apparently thinks the world is ready for a marked departure.

Vodochnaya, which markets its products under the YAT name, has launched what it calls "bitter nastoykas," garlic and horseradish flavors, to be exact.

The company recommends YAT with Horseradish with meat dishes, "for instance jellied tongue or herring seasoned with spring onions," and YAT with Garlic as a good winter drink.

YAT, formed in 2003 by the merger of two older distillers, already offers classic vodka, as well as YAT Rye, YAT Cornbread, YAT Honey and YAT Mild, which has a slight mint aroma.

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