Redcliff a cola-based 'American liqueur'

New liqueurs don't come on the market every day. Thus, consumer tastes are pretty much locked in unless a new product can find, or create, a niche to fill.

Franklin Arcella, a Las Vegas businessman who spent nearly three decades launching new products for Seagram's, is hoping to catch lightning in a bottle with his new 65 proof Redcliff liqueur.

Arcella is perhaps best known in the liquor industry for the creation of Corazon Tequila. He has been working for several years with flavor chemist Win Adler to come up with what he terms "a true American liqueur."

The bottle is shaped similarly to a cowboy's saddlebag flask, has an original image label by Colorado artist Stephen Reaves and a logo that Reaves created with a palette knife.

Inside, the cola-based liqueur is a flavor first in the industry. While Arcella won't reveal the formula, he will expound on it.

"The flavor of cola is something with which everyone can identify. However, there are a total of 15 ingredients in Redcliff which makes it very unique. Redcliff is both full bodied and complex; the first taste will be different from the next. The flavor is user friendly and mysterious."

Despite the cola base, Arcella says Redcliff has a lower sugar content than most liqueurs. How do you drink it?

"Some people like to drink it straight while others enjoy the mixability with rum, bourbon or their favorite soft drink, especially Red Bull. Because Redcliff is a very complex beverage, it is best to experience it in three stages: First, a small sip will adjust the palate to the unique blend of spices. A second, longer sip will linger on the tongue to expose the rich, warm flavor of vanilla. And thirdly, a shot of Redcliff leaves an intriguing cola finish."

The target market for the California-made product is the 21 to 35 age range. Pricing for a 750ml bottle is in the $23-$26 range.

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