Anheuser-Busch adds another vodka

Anheuser-Busch today began distributing another vodka on the already-crowded market, extending its spirits line called Longtail Libations.

This one is Purus, billed as an Italian-made 100% organic wheat vodka using glacial water from the Alps and grain from Italy's Piemonte region.

Last March, Anheuser-Busch partnered with Ku Soju Inc. to test market a vodka-like 48-proof soju beverage distilled from sweet potatoes, a Korean drink favorite.

In June it announced a deal with Vermont Spirits to become the master U.S. distributor for the Vermont Gold, Vermont Gold Vintage and Vermont White super-premium vodkas sold primarily in New England.

Vermont Gold is handmade in small batches from pure maple sugar, Vermont Gold Vintage from early-run maple sap, and Vermont White from pure milk sugar. Each is 80 proof, and sold in 750ml bottles.

Purus, also bottled at 80 proof in 750ml bottles, is distilled five times and refined through an active charcoal filtration process.

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