Shake and a haircut

Ah, those wacky folks in Alqonquin, IL.

The village trustees voted 5-1 this week to permit consumption of alcohol as a secondary use to a primary business.

That cleared the way for Martini Manicures, a hair salon that petitioned the village for such action, to apply for the new Class A-4 liquor license. Who gets such a license is up to the village liquor commission, but the commission is made up of village board members.

Village Manager William Ganek told the Arlington Daily Herald that business owners still have to specifically request a liquor license, show proof of insurance, and verify health department requirements, adding, "Any license holder is also subject to the same requirements for getting beverage alcohol sellers and servers education training. All the same rules apply."

The license can go only to a business whose principal source of sales is services and goods, not alcohol, and is not a restaurant. The license would allow its holder to serve only customers who are using the business' services, not walk-ins in search of a cocktail.

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