A rose by any bottle

While those of us who make a living writing about adult beverages are inundated by specialty cocktail recipes from various vendors each time a holiday or different season rolls around, a totally new product is more eye-catching than a mixture.

This year, for Valentine's Day, it's a new flavored vodka from Modern Spirits, a Los Angeles company: Rose Petal Artisan Vodka.

Melkon Khosrovian, co-founder of and vodka maker for Modern Spirits, says the new product is made with only the petals of three highly aromatic rose varieties he and his wife, company co-founder Litty Mathew, grew in their back yard. Khosrovian said he developed the flavor with an eye toward champagne cocktails and for pairing with desserts.

"The ancient Romans fell in love with roses so much that they tried to capture their intoxicating aroma and delicate flavor in sherbets and puddings, and even flavored wines with the fragrant petals," says Khosrovian.

Modern Spirits Rose Petal went on sale New Year's Day at suggested retail prices of $24.99 for the 375ml bottle and $43.99 for the 750ml bottle.

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