Jack Daniel's No. 1 in South Africa

Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey, the official drink of hip young South Africans?

True. In the nation's Top Brands survey this year, seven of the 10 favorite spirit brands were whiskies, or whiskey-based.

“The broad appeal of Jack Daniel’s stretches from biker to broker," said Joffy Senekal, marketing manager of the spirit’s local distributors, The Really Great Brand Co., in an interview with The Times of Johannesburg.

"It’s a brand with attitude and style, with a slightly rebellious undertone. It appeals to people who are independent, who prefer not to be followers and who tend to embrace the brand for its freedom and masculinity.”

No. 2 in the alcoholic spirits category is Johnnie Walker blended Scotch whisky, and No. 3 is Jameson Irish whiseky.

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