John Elway goes 'Nude'

Former pro football great John Elway has made successful forays into a variety of businesses since he retired from the Denver Broncos.

First it was a string of car dealerships, then several Denver restaurants as well as philanthropic endeavors, and now it's vodka.

Elway has joined the "advisory board" of Nude Spirits LLC of Punta Gorda, FL.

The company produces Nude Vodka, which it modestly calls "an American-born ultra-premium masterpiece."

Elway’s involvement will consist of dealing with future investors, partners, and distributors.

The vodka is filtered five-times over crushed volcanic lava rock and distilled in the High Cascades of the Pacific Northwest. It debuted on the market in the Washington, DC, area in January.

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1 comment:

cardrunners said...

Elway has become quite a businessman since his departure from the NFL, just like his biggest rival Joe Montana has done.