Knob Creek flowing again

Knob Creek Bourbon is about to resume flowing to liquor sales points after a controversial production stoppage this summer.

Bill Newlands, president of Beam Global Spirits & Wine U.S., and Fred Noe, the seventh-generation Beam family distiller, officially restarted production at the distillery in Clermont, KY, yesterday, presiding over the opening of the first mature, four-char barrel dating to 2000.

That officially ended the "drought" of fully matured Knob Creek that was announced in the summer and blamed on sales outstripping production. The company even sent out empty bottles to spirits writers as part of the announcement.

In the views of some, however, the "drought" was a public relations gimmick, something the company steadfastly denied.

"We want to thank Knob Creek fans everywhere for their patience and understanding these past months, and promise it was worth their wait," Newlands said. "Accelerating production and compromising quality, by a few weeks, even days, was never an option we considered. Knob Creek fans have been in touch, many thanking us for doing things the right way. It is very gratifying, and validating."

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