Canned tequila cocktails hitting U.S.

We live in a world in which convenience is the key to marketing most things. Even cocktails in a can.

The latest thing in the RTD (ready to drink) niche comes from El Jimador which is sending its New Mix canned tequila cocktails to the U.S. market.

El Jimador, made by Casa Herradura and owned by Brown-Forman of Louisville, KY, is the top-selling tequila RTD in Mexico. This month it is being made available in California, with a nationwide rollout of the product targeted by next spring.

The product line includes the Paloma, the most popular tequila cocktail in Mexico, the Margarita and the Spicy Mango Margarita. Each cocktail comes in a 12-ounce can at 5% alcohol by volume (10 proof), and is sold by the can or in a four-pack.

El Jimador New Mix was introduced to the Mexican market in 1997. The can being sold in the U.S. has a slightly different design that emphasizes the El Jimador brand name more prominently.

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