Israeli firm corrals a chunk of Drinks Americas

It's difficult to think of, oh, say Willie Nelson, as Israeli. Or Donald Trump. Or Kid Rock.

But, in the global alcoholic beverage industry, ownership makes for strange bedfellows.

Drinks Americas Holdings Ltd. has sold a chunk of its brands portfolio to its partner, H. Pixel International Trade Ltd. of Israel.

The deal reportedly calls for a $3 million total payment over the next 15 years.

Drinks Americas concentrates on high-profile names in developing, marketing and distributing both alcoholic and non-alcoholic premium beverages. Among its holdings are Willie Nelson's Old Whiskey River Bourbon, Trump Super Premium Vodka and Kid Rock's BADASS Beer and Aguila Tequila.

It also owns such other labels as Olifant Vodka and Rheingold Beer. The company has a working partnership with Universal Music's Interscope, Geffen and A&M Records to develop and launch beverages.

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