Finlandia water bottles mark Earth Day

Left to right: “The Very Tired Rooster” representing the Midnight Sun, which shines for 73 days straight in the north of Finland; "Untouched Nature," represented by the Norse mythological red squirrel Ratatosk; six-row barley featuring “The Cranes” walking in the barley field; "Thiaridae” the freshwater snail, representing pure glacial spring water.

Today is the 40th Earth Day, which coincides with the 40th anniversary of the Finlandia vodka brand.

To mark both milestones, Finlandia is releasing limited edition charity water bottles featuring designs by Klaus Haapaniemi, a renowned Finnish graphic artist.

"As a Finnish artist and proud of my heritage, it was a pleasure to partner with Finlandia on this project to benefit so many great environmental charities," Haapaniemi said. "I hope my designs bring color and fantasy to Finlandia and glamorize the nature and the wildlife of Finland."

Each design represents one of Finlandia Vodka’s core elements: the Midnight Sun, untouched nature, six-row barley and pure glacial spring water.

The one-liter SIGG water bottles sell for $28. Finlandia will divide all profits among four global environmental projects selected to promote sustainability beyond the brand’s distillation footprint. This cause-marketing program is an early step in a new, concerted effort to explore sustainability and the brand’s harmony with nature.

The water bottles will be available beginning May 3 for purchase online. (The website will not be active until then.)

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