Bill's eMailbox: In search of non-alcoholic Scotch

Q: Is there such a thing as non-alcoholic Scotch? I saw a web page for Scottish Spirits Ltd.; they make a non-alcoholic whisky they say tastes and looks exactly like traditional Scotch whisky, but they had no contact information.

My friend’s father is in a assisted living facility and misses his Scotch, but cannot have the alcohol. I’m sure there would be a huge market for this type of product.

Thank you for your time,

Kathleen Owens
Whistleville Farms
Decatur, IL

First things first. If it is non-alcoholic it is neither Scotch whisky nor whisky of any kind. However, that doesn't mean it can't resemble them in taste. That's in the eye -- or palate -- of the beholder.

Scottish Spirits Ltd., the Glasgow, Scotland, distiller you mentioned, spent a decade developing the alcohol-free ArKay brand "whisky" specifically targeted for Muslim consumers worldwide.

The company says it is "made from natural identical ingredients in accordance with European Economic Community (EEC) regulations and from artificial flavors and natural malt extract in accordance with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)."

The suggested retail price is $20 per bottle. The problem for individual consumers is that Scottish Spirits Ltd. sells the product by the case, with a minimum order of one container of 1,200 cases.

It also will provide custom labels with text printed according to the health and import regulations of the distributor’s home country.

Scottish Spirits Ltd. has been an international whisky exporter since 1896.

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