Skinnygirl introducing big lineup expansion

The Skinnygirl brand will be expanded this spring when owner Beam Inc. introduces vodkas, wines and piña colada to the market.

The ready-to-drink (RTD) products are predominantly targeted at the female market, claiming lower-calorie and fruit-flavored offerings appeal most to that niche.

Sales of the Skinnygirl brand that Beam purchased last year from "Real Housewives" TV personality Bethenny Frenkel jumped an astonishing 486% last year.

The brand line already offers RTD margaritas, sangrias and white cranberry cosmopolitans, also will add wines.

Skinnygirl vodkas will feature a non-flavored (called “Naked”) vodka, as well as tangerine, coconut and cucumber flavors, all will be under per one-ounce shot. Most other major brands are in the 100+ range.

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