Minnesota's first distillery open for business

Panther (top) and Grinager
OSAKI, MN -- Panther Distillery, the first -- and only -- legal distillery in the state -- has opened for business.

The distillery, founded in 20120 by Adrian Pather, took two years of planning, work and obtaining state permits to officially open.

He and head distiller Brett Grinager will host the public at a grand opening event set for 1 to 4 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday this week.

The Panther Distillery team uses a 500-gallon copper still and fresh, local ingredients from area farmers. They now are barreling their signature whiskies, which will be aged for two years. Meanwhile, they're producing a clear, unaged spirit called White Water Whiskey. A gin, a rye and a rum are planned as well.

The distillery is located at 300 East Pike Street. Its website has other details.

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