Fledgling Albany Distilling debuts its first rum

New distillery's newest product.
ALBANY, NY -- The latest product from the fledgling Albany Distilling Company goes on sale this Saturday, March 23.

Quackenbush Still House Original Albany Rum, a small-batch creation, is made following the tradition of colonial-era distilling with a recipe from that era and molasses from the Caribbean. It is the company's first rum product.

"Albany has a long history of rum production which dates back to the 18th Century, when the Quackenbush Still House produced rum for both local residents and wayfaring soldiers," says an announcement from partners/distillers Johnny Curtin and Matt Jager.

"Back then, Caribbean molasses was mixed with water from the Hudson River and allowed to ferment with wild yeasts in huge, open wooden vats -- the remains of which can still be seen at the New York State Museum -- before being distilled and bottled. Our original Albany rum follows this tradition, with a recipe from that era and molasses from the Caribbean - but with an updated production line -- and different water."

A spiced version of the amber rum is expected to be introduced in the fall.

Albany Distilling opened last October, and already has produced a bourbon, a new-make   whiskey and a rye whiskey.

The operation is located downtown at 78 Montgomery Street, adjacent to the Albany Pump Station brewpub behind historic Quackenbush Square. Phone: (518) 621-7191.

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