New American whiskey for sale ... ooops, too late

Unless you have a personal connection in Denver, forget about trying what may well be America's newest whiskey.

Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey, aged two years in oak casks, is sold out a mere six weeks after its first release.

"We just didn't have enough product to put in all the stores that people would like," said Jess Graber, majority owner and manager of Stranahan's. "We had commitments for a lot of our inventory."

The Denver distillery produced its first cask in April 2004. By law, whiskey must age two years in oak casks before it can be sold commercially. The distillery produced 1,000 cases of the aged whiskey in 2004. Projections call for 3,000 cases of the 2005 product will be available.

The whiskey sold at a suggested retail price of $54.95.

Stranahan, co-founder of Flying Dog Brewery, is a major investor in Graber's whiskey business. (Curiously, they met when volunteer firefighter Graber helped battle a blaze at Stranahan's barn.) His brewery supplies mash for the distillery.

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