In a bag, in a box, in your glass, mmm

Ye gods! It was bad enough to have to accept wine in a box, then wine and some drinks in a bag. Now we're being asked to accept the cross-pollination of them with a ready-to-drink Bloody Mary in a bag-in-a-box.

Daily’s, the Pittsburgh maker of fruit mixers and ready-to-drink cocktails, plans to jump into the adult beverage market with the first such drink in September.

Daily’s already sells a line of chilled cocktails including the margarita, cosmopolitan, mangotini and appletini in 1.75ml bag-in-box containers.

“The Bloody Mary is at the top of the list of most popular cocktails,” Tim Barr, Dailey's marketing director, said in a statement, "but it is not an easy cocktail for consumers to make. We have made it easy by developing a high quality, delicious premixed Bloody Mary in a compact, tote-anywhere box."

Daily’s Ready-to-Drink products and fruit mixers are manufactured by American Beverage Corp., a non-carbonated beverage company that is part of the Dutch food group Royal Wessanen. The company makes such other products as T.G.I. Friday's Mixers.

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