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If you want to get in some early Christmas shopping, here's a suggestion for that person who has everything else: a 40-year-old Scotch whisky that goes for about $2,000 a bottle.

It's a 1965 Ardbeg single malt from Islay (eye-lah). Only 261 bottles were made, with 100 to be sold at Harrod's, the iconic London department store.

At that price, they're not handing out samples (although competitors sometimes do for their whiskies in that price range). So, what does it taste like?

Says Campbell Evans of the Scottish Whisky Association, "The person buying this can expect a smoky whisky with an aroma of the sea."

Previous whiskies aged 40 years plus have sold for double the price of this one.

The publicity surrounding this release, just made this week, is timely for Ardbeg. The distillery reopened in 1997 after being out of production for for 16 years. It has slowly been ramping up production and building stock under the ownership of Glenmorangie.

Unfortunately, Ardbeg is not licensed to send spirits to the U.S. or Canada, so you'll have to find your own contacts who can pick it up for you. Should you do that, bear in mind that the 40-year-old distillation is really just for curiosity's sake. Ardberg has a line of whiskies, led by its Ardbeg Ten Years Old (seen here), the first non-chill filtered whisky in the Ardbeg range.

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