Not even the sky's the limit for pricey tequila

All those $2,000-a-bottle scotches need to step back into the shadows. They've again been eclipsed by a bottle of tequila.

Not just any tequila, and not a paltry $2,000 price tag. We're talking a bottle of Aztec Passion Limited Edition from producer Tequila Ley .925 -- for $225,000. The company's Aztec Passion -- without "limited edition" in the name -- went for $150,000 a few months ago.

Fernando Altamirano, CEO of Tequila Ley, won't identify the purchaser, but he did say the tequila was presented in 4.4 pounds of gold and platinum casing that helped bump the price up to the quarter-million-dollar figure. He said he plans to create a million-dollar tequila within a year or so, packaged in a bottle made of platinum and encrusted with diamonds.

"This is a really unique bottle of tequila and our client, a U.S.-based collector of fine wines and spirits, will treasure this prize to add to an already impressive collection," Altamirano said in a news release.

He also said he is applying to the Guinness Book of Records for inclusion as the most expensive bottle of liquor ever.

The Aztec Passion Limited Edition is part of a new line of luxury tequilas recently unveiled by Tequila Ley.

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