007 returns to his beery roots

The late Ian Fleming's super spy James Bond has taken on a patina of sophistication over the decades that makes most fans forget his humble origins.

In the first Bond novel, "Casino Royale," the character who became known for his knowledge and enjoyment of wines and spirits actually drank beer. (Pause here for startled gasps by those reading this sacrilege for the first time.)

The 21st and latest latest Bond flick, a version of "Casino Royale" that is true to Fleming's novel rather than being twisted into a serio-satirical comedic mess that went under that title in 1967, has a definite beer tie-in.

Producers not only have the latest Bond actor, Daniel Craig, drinking beer, they have a six-figure deal with beermaker Heineken for a promotional partnership that includes a TV commercial shot on the Bond set featuring Bond girl Eva Green.

Quite a change from some of Bond's haughtier pronouncements on what to drink.

Most of us remember his signature vodka martini in "Dr. No" -- and the instruction that it was to be "shaken, not stirred." In the same 1962 film, he turns up his nose at a 1955 Dom Perignon champagne, snootily telling his villainous host, "I prefer the '53 myself."

And now? Bottoms up.

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BondFan001 said...

When you keep switching actors, it only makes sense to change their drinks.

Anonymous said...

Next thing y'know, he'll be quaffing bottled water and munching sprouts. Remember, the last time they tried to get James to do something different (going to that health spa to get detoxified but nearly being boiled in a steam cabinet instead) it didn't work out too well.