The drinks are on the ... telly

It sometimes seems as if certain cable channels run only one program over and over and over. "M*A*S*H" in its early days, "Seinfeld" and "Law & Order" now.

At least each episode had a different twist. How many could you come up with up for an all-Scotch whisky channel?

Welcome to Singlemalt.tv, the world's first Internet television channel dedicted to the single malt -- and nothing else.

Rob Draper, an Australian film producer (seen here), is working right now in Scotland shooting footage for his brainchild, planned as a 24-hour online channel comprised of news, features and ongoing series. His target is to go live with it on Friday, Sept. 29.

Charlie MacLean, a noted author and whisky expert, will be the on-camera host. Narrowstep, an Internet television provider, will be the technological host.

"By the end of 2007, all the major networks in the United States will have launched high-quality, niche-market Internet channels," Draper said in a press statement. "So far the interest has been phenomenal. We put a place-holder Website up ... and we have already shut down one server in the U.S. because it can't handle the volume of traffic coming into it."

Internet television isn't widely known or understood. In simple terms, rather than being an Internet site it is a TV channel broadcast through the Internet. Some channels are available for free, others like the Scotch whisky channel are available for a monthly subscription fee.

Draper hired camera crews in various countries -- including Scotland, France, Norway, the Netherlands, Australia, Singapore and India -- to create film content.

"I have done a lot of work on Internet television going back to 1997 and it really is the future of television and the future of Internet," Draper told The Scotsman newspaper. "We are going to do very high-quality programming and my goal is to make it intelligent programming for people who want good entertainment, want to be informed and want to have fun."

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1 comment:

Couch Imbiber said...

So, what do you drink while you watch this channel? If you become a regular it's going to get rather expensive if it's Scotch whisky.