At $150 a bottle, Heaven's the limit

If Heaven Hill Distilleries is successful with its fall launch of a S150-a-bottle version, then we know rye has truly made a comeback.

The Bardstown, KY, distiller has produced 32 barrels, or about 3,000 of the 750ml bottles, of Rittenhouse Very Rare 21-Year-Old Single Barrel Straight Rye Whisky, a 100-proof concoction.

Bottls priced above $30 are considered premium, those above $49 super premium. Heaven, or Heaven Hill, only knows what to call a $150 category.

Those fortunate enough to have tried the new rye report it to be bold, spicy and somewhat bourbon-like. It was selected by master distillers Parker and Craig Beam.

Heaven Hill's flagship label is Evan Williams Bourbon. The company also produces a wide variety of spirits that includes Dubonnet, Hpnotiq, Elijah Craig Bourbon and Burnett's London Dry Gin.

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1 comment:

Tony Fistano said...

It's officially hit the New York shelves. Got to taste a bit of it at LeNell's. Not as hot as I expected, but I guess it's only 100 proof. Rye's seem to hold up to age pretty well though. Don't know what it's going to be at other stores, but she's got it on the shelf at $140.