Pass the #*!!%^! bottle

Right up front I must confess. I have never sampled The Knot.

What I have sampled is the Web site showing the ad campaign for the Irish whiskey, and it's an absolute hoot. Also available on YouTube in case that ad site shuts down.

It's a series of barroom scenes starring a coarse-tongued (and barely bleeped) fellow with a weatherbeaten face and an in-your-face attitude. He's played by an ex-boxer.

I must confess the ads work for me. I'm curious about tasting The Knot, which is good timing since it's just now being introduced in limited East Coast taverns by its maker, William Grant & Sons, which includes among its other brands Frangelico, Balvenie, Glenfiddich, Hendrick's, Reyka, Sailor Jerry, Grant's, Milagro, Bennett Family, Bols, Damrack and on and on.

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