New brandy is one in a million

When I reported last week on what is purported to be the world's first coconut brandy, it was because of its unique recipe. Now, there's another unique aspect worth mentioning.

Mendis International Inc. today announced the first bottle of Mendis premium coconut brandy ever produced will be offered for sale for a cool million dollars.

“Mendis is about sharing our heritage and story with our customers,” says Chris Richardson, President and CEO of Mendis International. “Customers will always be our focus and that is why we are thrilled about this opportunity to have them be a part of this significant event. We are very proud to be able to offer this exclusive collector’s bottle as a prestigious marker in our history.”

For the purchaser of the bottle, Mendis says it will provide a first class airfare to the Indian Ocean island nation of Maldives and a stay in a five-star resort there. An excursion to Sri Lanka is included, as is a personal tour of the distillery by W.M. Mendis, founder of The House of Mendis. At the tour’s conclusion the $1,000,000 bottle, signed and numbered by W.M. Mendis, will be presented.

What about the second bottle?

Mendis is giving it away in an online draw, part of the product launch publicity campaign.

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