Milwaukee distiller releases new-recipe gin

A little more proof that the gin revival is for real: Rehorst Premium Milwaukee Gin.

It's a new product from Great Lakes Distillery, maker of Rehorst Premium Milwaukee Vodka. The little Milwaukee company, which has all of three employees, has delivered the first bottles of the new gin to liquor stores in the area.

It's an 88-proof, nine-botanical recipe, with sweet basil and ginseng the two most prominent. As the company notes, "We use Wisconsin ginseng. Long recognized as the worlds finest quality ginseng, the majority of this crop is exported to Asia where it is revered by herbalists. We use it to add an earthiness to our gin that gives it a uniquely Wisconsin flavor."

Why gin? Says Doug MacKenzie, distiller and production manager, "Good vodka is good vodka, but you can differentiate yourself with a gin. It gives us a clean slate to work with."

Rehorst gin is priced at $29.99 for a 750 ml bottle. Plans are for one or more flavored vodkas-- probably cranberry as an initial offering -- to be added to the Rehorst line in the fall, with a whisky product to follow later on.

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