A new whiskey from an unlikely place

Think whiskey, or whisky, and you're likely to be thinking Scotland, U.S., Ireland or Canada. But Alsace?

Uberach Alsace Whisky is produced by Distillerie Bertrand in the village of Uberach, located in the French province west of the Rhine River. It was launched in France earlier this year and its maker already is looking to markets abroad. Attention from American buyers attending Vinexpo in Bordeaux helped raise such hopes.

The spirit is aged at least three years in barrels that once held Banyuls fortified wine. It then is sold as two different products: a single malt, blended from a range of casks, and the Single Cask, the product of one selected barrel.

Pascal Dubois, managing director of the parent company Wolfberger, told Drinks International: "We have a lot of experience in fruit distillation, and we think we can bring that experience to the world of whisky. We are looking for a fruity expression, with a very rounded character."

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