True North points to new flavor

Right on schedule, Grand Traverse Distillery has come up with the second offering in its True North Vodka line: cherry.

The difference between the new product and other cherry-infused vodka products is that this one includes a hint of chocolate.

The new distillery, which was founded in 2005 and had a target of autumn '08 for its first flavored product, is located in Michigan's renowned cherry-growing region that labels ityself the Cherry Capital of the World. Thus, using that essence as its first flavored vodfka makes perfect sense.

“Flavoring vodka is a popular tradition almost as old as the beverage itself,” said Kent Rabish, who began the distillery. “We couldn’t create world-class vodka in the world’s largest cherry production region without capitalizing on the fruit that makes this area famous.”

Ingredients in the True North Vodka originate from the Grand Traverse region, known for its rich soil and clean glacial waters, used to produce the triple-distilled rye vodka.

True North, first released last June, is hand-crafted in small batches. The first run included 2,700 bottles sent out in Michigan, and another 2,700 bottles were sent out in July.

“True North is the fastest growing vodka in the premium vodka class,” Rabish said. “In only four months, we have shipped out more than 900 cases – some 10,800 bottles – and that is better than expected for a new product.”

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