Beam collector's bottles for sale

Jim Beam has released a limited quantity of "The Distiller's Series" premium collector's bottles.

The series showcases contributions from seven generations of the Beam family to creating the world's top-selling bourbon. The bottles will be available only through January 2009 at a suggested retail price of $20.00 per 750ml bottle.

The latest release, aged seven years to 45% abv (90 proof), is characterized as a "new recipe." Each premium bottle features direct printing, with photos of the distillers and a brief history of their accomplishments.

"As the only living distiller among the seven generations honored with 'The Distillers Series,' I work everyday to uphold the legacy we've created," said Fred Noe in a statement. "These limited edition bottles are more than nice holiday gifts; they're the stories of my great-grandfathers and uncles. They're more than two centuries of history and tradition. And, more than anything, they're great bottles of bourbon."

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