Evan Williams '99 unveiled

Heaven Hill Distilleries has released the 14th annual edition of its Evan Williams Single Barrel Bourbon, this time the 1999 vintage.

The official unveiling was made in Kentucky for the Bardstown Bourbon Society in a private event for 500 people from 16 states. The whiskey will be available nationally beginning in January, at a suggested retail price of $25.99 for the 750 ml bottle.

The single barrel bourbon has won a variety of awards for the series, “Spirit of the Year-American Whiskey” from Food & Wine magazine, “Domestic Whiskey of the Year” from Malt Advocate and “Whiskey of the Year” from The Spirit Journal.

As with the previous 13 vintages, each bottle of the '99 is marked with the date it was placed in oak and bottled, as well as the serial number of the single barrel from which it was drawn. The 43.3% abv (86.6 proof) bourbon is matured in natural open-rick warehouses.

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