Cape Ann unveils its first vodka today

They're dancing in the distillery today with the launch of Ryan & Wood Distilleries' first vodka.

Beauport Vodka was released to stores today, three years after Bob Ryan bought his still and found a place to put it in Gloucester, MA, on historic Cape Ann.

Ryan and partner Dave Wood make Beauport from hand-selected grains, distilled to the usual 80 proof. It is carrying a suggested retail price of $28 for the 750ml bottle.

The name of the vodka comes from Gloucester's original name, Le Beauport. Ryan & Wood already produces Knockabout Gin and is working on a rum in their Blackburn Industrial Park facility.

Ryan is a native of Gloucester who formerly worked on the historic waterfront. Wood, a lawyer by trade, is Ryan's nephew and the "palate" of the company.

[For a report in words and images on Gloucester and the entire Cape Ann region beyond the distillery, go here.]

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