Knob Creek says, 'Thanks for nothing'

Sometimes the delivery people bring more to my house than junk mail. Take today.

The UPS guy showed up with a mysterious cardboard shipping box. It bore the return address of a PR company that deals with the spirits industry, but was far too light to contain any tasting samples.

When I opened it, the first thing that stood out was an empty Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey bottle. The second thing was the note that accompanied it, signed by distillery president Bill Newlands. It began:


Rather than being a sarcastic remark, it was actually one part thank-you, one part bragging. Maybe two.

"For the next few months," Newlands wrote, "Knob Creek Bourbon is in a unique situation -- our product is so popular that we cannot keep up with customer demand. As a result, our supply will be running low over the next few months, And, in some cases, we may experience temporary stock depletions.

"But, instead of compromising quality to meet demand, we have chosen to let the supply run low. In deference to Booker Noe and his vision for Knob Creek, we will age all our bourbon the full 9 years. The next batch will be ready in November of this year. ...

" ... Again, with all the success we've had, we've still come up empty. Thanks for helping make it happen."

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iknowtruthismine said...

I have an empty bottle of Knob Creek, too. It took me a long time to empty because, unlike Jack Daniel or Old Forester whose taste insures a quick demise, the first taste of Knob Creek had me utter “Jim Beam?”

Once I checked the label, my fear was confirmed, it had the same taste that turns me in their lesser brand.

obliterati said...

I have noted that Knob has been absent from a few familiar shelves. Disaster.

Glad that they are sticking to their guns though ... great stuff. For those who have not yet tried it, Knob sips and mixes like no other bourbon.

Benjamin Rosenfeld said...

I got a "I survived the drought of 2009" T-shirt in the mail. I'm quite pleased with it, actually.

Ken said...

Might try switching to Booker's or Hayden. I like both better.

Iknowtruthismine said...

Personally, I like Blanton's single Barrel Bourbon better than any of the others I've tasted, except for the price -- which means you won't find it on my bar when company shows up. It will be in the cupboard below, the one with the lock on it.