Drinking to the beat

It's not always what's inside that counts when it comes to marketing Scotch whisky.

Ballantine's, a brand that is one of the world's top seller in its category but not often mentioned in the same breath as the most highly rated Scotches, has come up with a new gimmick to help attract attention from bar and cocktail lounge visitors, particularly the younger ones.

It's a new dark blue bottle that has a design incorporating a graphic equalizer. It gives the appearance of reacting to sound passing through it just as it would if dialed up on a computer, CD player or other device.

The container was designed by the UK agency The Core and made by a UK company called Kandoo from molded plastic. The label works by using electroluminescent technology.

The bottle currently is being used in Germany, accord to Packaging News UK, "and 35 other markets around the world have ordered the bottle, including Thailand, Mexico, Spain and Russia." No word on when it will reach our shores.

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