First Ontario micro-distillery goes to market

Ontario Province's first micro-distillery has released its first spirit to the domestic market.

Still Waters Distillery, located in Concord, Ontario, has created a single malt vodka from two-rowed Canadian barley usin artisan distilling techniques. It is made by hand in small batches using a pot still.

Unlike most vodkas, which are produced by industrial processes from a mix of grains, Still Waters Distillery uses only single malt barley, similar to Scotch whisky. Its vodka is distilled from the grain then triple distilled.

Still Waters Vodka retails at $36.95 ($35 US) for a 750ml bottle. It is being supplied to Canadian outlets now, with a U.S. launch in the near future.

“After years of planning, we are excited to be Ontarioʼs first true micro-distillery, joining the growing artisan distilling industry in North America," said Barry Bernstein, co-founder with Barry Stein of Still Waters Distillery. “We personally produce our vodka starting with handling of the grain, through distillation and final packaging.”

Still Waters Distillery started production in March of this year. It also is making single malt and rye whiskey to be available in several years once it has matured in locally-constructed oak casks.

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