Collingwood maple finished whisky a genuine eye-catcher

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The range of artistry inherent in liquor bottles has been growing exponentially in recent years as more and more brands and expressions vie for shelf space and consumer attention.

That has made me an unabashed fan of the designs to the point at which I am loathe to toss away any empties. (Just ask my friend Terry who has a hobby of making lamps from bottles.)

That is why I was so taken with the newest Brown-Forman  product -- Collingwood, the only maplewood mellowed Canadian whisky. Although it is made at B-F's Canadian Mist distillery in Collingwood, Ontario, it is an entirely separate product, with a different mash still and different barrels.

Later this month it will make its debut in Florida, Kentucky, Texas and Louisiana, then be rolled out to other U.S. markets as the year wears on, carrying a suggested retail price of $26.99 for the 750ml bottle.

I was fortunate to acquire a bottle in advance and immediately was taken with the unusual design, created in-house by the media and design group at Brown-Forman in Louisville. It has a flask shape with a slightly concave back, an over-flap covering and silver-colored seals front and back. The label is black with silver raised lettering.

Once the overflap is removed, a standard screw-on cap, sealed with black strips, is revealed.

And, once that cap is unscrewed? Ah, for that you'll have to click over to Dowd's Tasting Notes to find out. See you there.

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