Old Pogue aiming for old home works

Maysville (KY) Ledger-Independent 
MAYSVILLE, KY -- The Old Pogue Distillery is hoping to bring bourbon making back to Maysville and Mason County.

On Monday, members of the Maysville Board of Adjustments will be asked to consider granting the Pogue family a conditional use permit for production of bourbon at its location on West Second Street.  The Ryan-Pogue House, located across the road from where the original Pogue Distillery once stood, was purchased by the Pogue family in 2009.

The application isn't for a large scale distillery, but rather a small scale distillery. ...Peter Pogue said ... if the Board of Adjustments grants the conditional use permit, the next step is to apply to the federal government for a distilled spirits permit. ...

The Old Pogue Distillery now produces its Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey in Bardstown, but Pogue said bringing a small scale distillery operation back to Maysville "would be the fulfillment of a family dream."
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