NYC bartender shatters Guinness record

NEW YORK -- There must be a limit to the number of cocktails a bartender can sling together in an hour, but as each year goes by a seemingly unsurpassable figure gets surpassed.

The challenge claim on the Guinness Book of World Records standard for such things by an individual eclipsed it this week by 381.

Sheldon Wiley, who tends bar at Riff Raff's on 26th and Park, made 1,043 cocktails in one hour during an event at the Empire Room in the Empire State Building. He shattered the record of 662 made by Chris Raph.

According to Guinness, the world record for the most cocktails made in one hour by a team is 1,541, achieved by an eight-man team from the U.S. Bartenders' Guild.

Under Guinness records, each cocktail is required to have a minimum of four ingredients, no cocktail may be repeated, and each must be prepared individually. This particular event was co-sponsored by 360 Vodka, a Missouri organic vodka distiller.

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