Heaven Hill launching unaged whiskey line

Maybe the marketing slogan will be "Whiskey for the impatient consumer." Maybe not.

In any matter, Heaven Hill Distilleries will put its new Trybox Series of New Make Whiskeys on retail sale beginning in May. Each of the whiskeys in the series is right from the still without being aged.

The first two releases in the series will be New Make and Rye New Make. If the distiller had completed the process by aging them, New Make would have been turned into Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage bourbon and Rye New Make would have become Rittenhouse Straight Rye.

"We believe our reputation and the breadth of our American whiskey offerings will make the Trybox Series an important addition to the national whiskey scene," Susan Wahl, brand manager for the whiskey portfolio at Heaven Hill, said in a news release. "The ability to offer not only a classic new make bourbon formula, but also a rye, wheat and corn whiskey new make, will make this a significant extension of the current available whiskey offerings and highly desirable to enterprising mixologists and whiskey connoisseurs."

The Trybox Series will be available in a 750-milliliter bottle, packaged three to a case. Suggested retail price: $24.99.

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Ken said...

705mL bottles? What an interesting new size! ;-)

I'm assuming that's 750mL...

William M. Dowd said...

It has been corrected, Good catch, and thank you.