New beefeater gin a limited treat

Pernod Ricard UK has launched a limited edition expression of its famous Beefeater gin. But, you'd better have a UK conenction if you want to snare a bottle.

Beefeater London Market Gin was created by master distiller Desmond Payne, who says he was inspired by the original Beefeater London Gin recipe from the 1860s created by company founder James Burrough, who experimented with the exotic produce he found in London markets such as Covent Garden.

Payne took the same path by searching for new ingredients available in today's market stalls. The new recipe is lighter and fruitier than the standard Beefeater gin with the inclusion of pomegranate seeds, kaffir lime leaves and cardamom pods.

With over 40 years in the industry, Desmond Payne, says: "By using these exotic botanicals, I wanted to create a gin that captures the drinker's imagination, reminding them of all the colourful aromas, tastes and charm of London's bustling markets in the summertime," Payne said.

Beefeater London Market Gin now is available for a limited, yet unspecified, period for £17.99 (US$29).

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