Stranahan's tripling whiskey production

DENVER, CO -- Many whiskey aficionadoes have heard of Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey but found that acquiring it outside Colorado is problematic.

The supply-and-demand may be taken care of under Proximo Spirits, the New York company that bought the seven-year-old micro-distillery less than a year ago.

The company is in the midst of a major expansion, tripling the size of its production capacity. Stranahan's, which two years ago moved from its original tiny location to a former brewery and added the Rackhouse Pub in the front of the facility, has purchased three copper pot stills. Once they are operational which should happen by November, Stranahan's will move from selling 99% of its product in-state to national distribution.

The company plans to continue making its original Colorado Whiskey as well as its one-barrel, one-off Snowflake series, available only at the distillery. The current expression of Snowflake was aged in new American white oak for 3½ years then transferred into a French White Oak barrel that housed a Colorado port for six months, then transferred in to a Hungarian white oak barrel that has housed a Chardonnay from Sonoma California for 2½ months.

The facility is located at 200 South Kalamath Street. Phone: (303) 296-7440.

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