Russia's White Gold Vodka turning black

Travelers who like hitting the duty free shops for some last-second alcohol buys will be getting another choice. White Gold Company, a Russian producer of alcoholic beverages, is moving its lineup of products into shops worldwide.

The company plans to export its main brands such as White Gold, White Gold Black Edition, Russian Gold and Gzhelka. The Black Edition in particular has stirred interest among nightclubd and trend-conscious bar owners.

Like the White Gold Premium, it contains an extract of a ginseng root, and comes in a bottle with an elongated neck and a poly-laminate cap to protect products from being counterfeited. (Crimestopper's Big Hint: It says 'White Gold" in English.)

The Black Edition comes in a matte black, limited edition bottle designed mainly for sales in the aforementioned business. Of course, duty free shops aren't the only places to get the White Gold line. It already is being exported to the U.S. and 17 other countries, most of them in the former USSR.

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