Tennessee gets its sixth distillery

An old moonshiner still is set up for viewing by visitors.
WOODBURY, TN -- Tennessee has its sixth licensed distillery now that a new Cannon County facility has opened east of Mrufreesboro.

Short Mountain Distillery has received its state and federal permits 11 months after supporters changed county law by referendum to allow distilleries.

The company will make a Tennessee sour mash white whiskey from a family recipe used for generations. It will utilize locally-grown corn that is stone milled on site.

Production is expected to begin in January, and the facility will be opened to tourists in March. The distillery is working to become USDA Certified Organic within a year.

Short Mountain Distillery is owned by the Kaufman brothers -- Billy, David and Ben. They are the great-grandchildren of Jesse Shwayder, who 100 years ago founded the iconic American brand Samsonite. Their grandfather, Louis Degen, brought Samsonite to Murfreesboro decades ago.

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