Vegas distiller creates 'Rumskey' combo

LAS VEGAS -- What is distilled here might not stay here -- at least if a new rum-whiskey combo proves successful at local spirits shops.

Something called Rumskey, dreamed up by Las Vegas Distillery owner George Racz, will make its debut in a November 19 tasting at the distillery, 7330 Eastgate Road. Thereafter, it will be sold in local Whole Foods, Total Wine and Lee's stores as well as other selected spots.

“We were fermenting molasses" for rum "and at the same time I was making seven-grain whiskey," Racz told Las Vegas Weekly. "The idea came: Why not marry these two spirits at the beginning? So, we took both products at the mash level and put them together in the pot still and distilled them together."

The product is double distilled and comes out as a cross between moonshine and vodka, according to Racz.

"When making whiskey or rum, you try to preserve as much flavor as you can, from the grains or molasses or whatever," Racz says. "When you are making vodka, the goal is different. You don’t want to preserve the little flavor components, just bring up the alcohol content. In making Rumskey, we wanted something between those two."

If it goes well, who knows?

“This is only a small idea. We hope people will like it."

Las Vegas Distillery produces what it calls "The Las Vegas Collection" -- Nevada brand vodka, gin, moonshine whiskey and bourbon.

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