Woodford Master's Collection becomes a dual effort

Woodford Reserve has put a new twist on its Master's Collection, the sixth of which is scheduled for release any day now.

A pair of ryes -- bottled at 92.4 proof -- constitute the "Rare Rye Selection" in a pair of 375ml bottle. The difference in the two whiskies comes in the manner of maturation.

Although both bottles are 100% rye recipe and both are triple distilled, one has been aged in a new, charred cask, the other in an aged cask.

Says master distiller Chris Morris, "Globally, whiskey is presented in a wide range of flavor profiles. There are two distinct types, or families, of whiskey flavor -- Old World and New World. The 'Rare Rye Selection' afford you an opportunity for a side-by-side comparison."

The process in the Master's Collection is to change up one of five flavor sources -- grain, water, fermentation, distillation and maturation -- each year. Altering even one creates a new flavor profile.

Prior releases were Four Grain, Sonoma-Cutrer Finish, Sweet Mash, Seasoned Oak and Maple Wood Finish.

The new release will be sold at a suggested retail price of $99.99 for the two 375ml bottle set.

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